I don't understand how the next major update will be called "GMod 12"

Where in the heck was GMod 11 released?

News Post

"Is this GMod 12?

Technically, yes. There aren’t any new amazing features though. Since GMod went retail on Steam (GMod 10) I’ve incremented the version every engine upgrade."

GMod = GMOD 1.x

He will never change the name as of gmod 10 because it is now being sold etc… etc… details… We’re currently on GMod 11, but in reality it’s just GMOD

Edit: Everybody plays GMOD10(Which is actually GMOD11…) or GMOD9. :3:

Strictly speaking, the initial Orange Box update (back in 2007) was GMod 11, but Garry had dropped the number system by then.

Gmod 11 or 12 ARE VERSIONS of Gmod 10. Simple.

How about stop being stupid and just call it ‘Garry’s Mod’.

the number version are just engine upgrades.

There are no numbers any more. It’s just Garry’s Mod now. JUST GARRY’S MOD.

The number just refers to which version of the Source engine GMod is based on.

9 - EP1 MOD
10 - EP1 Game
11 - OB Game
12 - TF2 Game

Gmod 9 was the sourcemod of HL2 years ago. Before that there was Gmod 8, Gmod 7, etc…
Gmod 10 was the game that started being sold on Steam, using the EP1 engine. Version numbers were dropped at this point.
Gmod 11 was the unofficial “codename” given to the ‘new’ Gmod using the OB engine. Same thing with Gmod 12, but for whatever engine Garry’s going to be using now.

Hate to burst your bubble but TF2 is orange box.

Hate to burst your bubble bursting (“Yo dawg, I heard you like bubble bursting…”), but TF2 (apparently) doesn’t use the same engine as everything else in the Orange Box does.

Hate to copy sayings, and burst your bubble, but TF2 is very different from Source : Orange Box (2009) Engine. Simply because most features not necessary, or not included into the 2009 Engine.
Think of Orange Box as a base you can change, such as nexus for RP.

Back on topic

GMOD9 - 2005 Mod (EP:1/HL2)
GMOD10 - 2005 Engine (EP:1/HL2)
GMOD11 - 2007 Engine (EP:2)
GMOD12 - 2009\2010 Engine (Orange Box + MAC Support)
Please correct me if I’m wrong, I think thats how it goes.

EP1 and GMod 10 was released in 2006, not 2005.

Gmod 10 was released 4 years ago? Now i feel old.
I refer to the current version as garrysmod 11, when the number is needed, but other than that, it doesn’t really matter. I think one of the best ways to gauge the current number is count the versions of gm_construct, like rings if you will. It would appear a new version is made with the release of each engine (Or otherwise major) update.
The prop physics where different in garrysmod 9, wasn’t it? I still remember how strangely fun it was to fling a car at yourself and dive out the way, the big props really had tonnes of momentum.

Since almost everythign broke from GMod 9 -> GMod 10 they call it GMod 11 becuse everything broke in the engine upgrade, garry calls it GMod 12 becuse its a engine upgrade, not much will break though

Lets forget about GMod 9,10,11,12 etc. Lets call it GMod, or Illegal GMod.

Its official name is “Garry’s Mod” now, after its release on Steam. The numbering system has been dropped. However, technically it counts as the 12th MAJOR iteration of GMod.

I think its funny how I got 6 disagrees and 4 dumbs because some kiddies don’t know what they’re talking about.

Nine was a HL2:DM/HL2/CSS Mod.

They all use the same engine version as EP1. It’s only now (With TF2, Portal and L4D2) that different engine versions are emerging, afaik.

Is it possible to download GMod 9 legal? Don`t dumb me down now, please. -.-