I DonT Use Any Cheat!! And I didnt Make anything!! How I get Banned Randomly....

Hello, I was playing Rust in London 5 server (and playing since London 1)
but today suddenly my account disconnected from server. I never used any cheat software and my account VAC banned somehow.
I never downloaded or used any cheat software or never used any hack application.
I want my money back if my account is banned without any reason because I’m a standart player wanted to have fun and I really hate cheaters too.
The only thing I suspect that I changed my name inside game menu and there is some glitch happened, my name on character shows the old one and inside chat it shown as my new nickname.
Maybe this was the problem but this is also not my fault, this game is alpha and I only wanted to change my name. Please fix this problem becouse I never used ANY CHEATS, NEVER!

I have my Screenshots. I am %100 sure I didnt use anycheat! I just Playing at my home… Please Open my ban back… First time I love to play one game… what happent to me…

Btw I change My E-mail. My new E-mail is Muratncy7@gmail.com

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uh…looks to me your just s.o.l.

Hello, Murat is my friend at game and we are playing together. I am 100% sure he is not hacking. If he is hacking please ban me too. I guaranteed this ban was happened by mistake. Can Facepunch team please fix this problem? Or can u give us a proof about ban?

Waiting Facepunch team reply, thanks!

what is S.O.L mate ?

I think sadly out of luck xD

I Hope They are gonna open back mate. Because if I am gonna do something cheat. I will accept it. Just playing game…

Post your steam id

http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198292018445 This is my steam ID.

Facepunch doesn’t handle VAC bans. If it was an EAC ban, then yeah, people from there check these boards. For a VAC ban, you are going to have to contact Steam Support.

And not to jump on you or anything, but your screenshots are useless are proof of innocence. You could have something running in the background that doesn’t show on the taskbar.

Facepunch is Banned me… And they already write on there twitter… They can check my computer also. DONT HAVE ANY CHEAT. And here is my all programs.


These are not proofs, best proof is on Facepunch games. They can check logs and reply from here, maybe we should wait them. Screenshots are not proof we know that but Facepunch team can see ENTIRE COMPUTER of my friend, they can checkout easily.

EAC recently had a glitch in their system. If you don’t want to wait for them to reply here, contact them at their website.

I send also there mate. Thank you for help , and information :slight_smile:

I’M afraid you could have taken any cheats out before this screen shot so these are no proof what so ever

My friend. if I did Cheat or something. I dont deserve to be here. I dont need lie. %100 sure about myself. And Facep. and EAC I send messege They can look my computer. and my log everything. I just change my name in my steam. Because I put front of my name Clan name. That’s it. But problem… inside game my name didnt change. when I change my name 1 day later. I got banned. I dont have any Cheat or Hack or something. Screen shot I am sending for How I am serious. And I am not hiding anything. I know it’s not proof but They can check. And They will understand


It’s a game ban, not a VAC ban. Is EAC a game ban?

I am new in this game mate. I dont know what is vac eac or something. Even my friend help me to find here. I just open my account here a few hours ago. I just send messege … EAC website. and here. if you guys know another one … please write me adress I will send there also.

Just remember that the anti cheat picks up any cheat program on your pc not just for RUST if you have any dodgy programs running on your pc while playing rust then you will be flagged as hacking

so think about what you have running in the background

Mate. This games on my compture , Before I download Rust. When I download Rust. I didnt touched. any game. I just play rust. Only. in another games if have some problem like this. They are blocking your account. They are not Doing ban! I play world of warcraft. World of Tanks and LoL. I never meet something like this problem. My Pc is clean. if it wasnt clean I play 250 hour… Why not before ? Why , when I change my name this happent. There is no reason for this. And We pay for this game.

not to be rude, but EVERY hacker denies having done anything wrong. we can’t just trust you, and the likely outcome of this is that EAC come in and say “positive detection of a paid cheat” and that you will have to get a new account and rebuy rust.

if it is genuinely false, EAC have been excellent at removing bans and fixing the errors that caused them.