I don't wanna fight, I'd much rather play.

Alternate title: Lament.

Originally posted in the “Want To Post Your Pic But Don’t Want To Make A Thread” thread, but I liked it so much I decided to make a thread for it.

looks pretty nice to me.


Reminds me of Combine Nation for some reason. That or Civil Protection. Nice.

Might have forgotten to mention it’s all in-game editing, except for the stroke around the image itself.

Very nice work!

That is a rather good pose you got there. Not everyone do the acoustic guitar pose this well. Art it is.

made me lol. Good work!

Was gonna do something like this, but looks like you beat me to it, mine was gonna be bad anyway. Good work!

I like it, but you should have used one of the hi res combine around, the foot texture for example is pretty ugly.


the problem is that the one in the picture is in fact Zeemlapje’s high resolution metrocop

Ah, my bad then.

Love it, great work! For some reason it gave me a chuckle too, probably the fact that it’s a CP officer swinging his legs and playing guitar like he has no care in the world.


Ah, you beat me to it. :v:
Just saw it browsing around and decided to do a pose with him

Peacefull CP :3

Looks good.