I dont want to buy ep2,what to do to not see errors and material bugs in"rp_ineu_pass_v1b"?

I am not poor or something like that.But I am just too fucking lazy to fucking walk 4km´s to the next gas station to buy a bloody pay safe card…Please help meeeeh

The most common solution is to go buy a paysafe card to pay fo-

Oh. You already thought of that.

Well I’m out of ideas then.

Have a nice time tripping to the gas station.

I doubt there is a way. Either buy Episode 2 or shut up and don’t use the map.

I have two things you can do. Buy it or ask someone to gift it to you .

get a friend to gift it to you and pay him back later when you’re not lazy

Wait until next Christmas and hope to score a giveaway.

Uhh I see…Seems like I gotta move my fat ass to the next gas station.THANKS A LOT!!!

You’re welcome, maybe you’ll lose few tonnes.

just use your card instead of being mr paranoid

even paypal

Considering that he has to walk to the gas station to buy a paysafe he is probably 12, does not have a car, credit card, and parents who will let him buy a game.