I don't want to sound like that guy but....

This game is in Alpha. Which means the purpose of it is to be played and throw feedback at the devs and hope they incorporate our feedback into the game . But so far I’m not seeing this . I mean nearly everyone spat on the idea of third person , and it’s being added. People thought dinosaurs would be really cool , and we get told that they’re not letting us “dictate” what goes into the game; the game that we bought to feel like we were part of the development of . But so far I have not felt like this . I feel like what we want isn’t really being established into the game… they are doing what they want and giving us the middle finger. I guess only time will tell, but I’m slowly starting to regret my decision on this purchase. I mean it’s only twenty dollars but still … why can’t the devs show some love ?

Buying into an alpha doesn’t make you a developer. It makes you a bug tester.
They have the option to listen to their userbase but they’re going to do what they want with their game.

Sarcastic translation of the question:
We payed 20 bucks, We own the dev team now. So why don’t they implement our 200 page game design document ?

Buying a alpha doesn’t even make you a tester, if they wane do closed beta next it’s there call.

All you bought is a alpha game to support the team and to let them know you like the concept nothing more …
no rights, no promises, no time frame, they ow you nada … not even a finished game.

All you own is a broken alpha game and some dreams.

Garry wants to show Steam how easily exploitable the early access thing is. He can sit there and do nothing for five more years and after that he can say the game is finished. It would be totally legal and if someone complained about it here those people with unreasonable high post counts would spam the same old quotation of early access rules which pretty much say developers owe you nothing and you agreed to that.

You basically gave away Your money and now You should praise garry for every little update he does cuz he as well can do none.

um no

garry and facepunch studios co are making rust because it’s the game they want to make

not the game all you 12 year olds want

There are many people who think their thoughts are the only ones that matter, the idea of the egocentrism…when others find their egocentric ideas are shared they sometimes coalesce…oftentimes people are unaware of the world outside of themselves…

that said, it is only an idea…nothing is set in stone and neither is the vision, direction or theme of Rust (not that I know of).

The game may end up PVP only fps when it’s done with none of the primitive elements SOME of us love.

Then they should wait with charging money for the game until it’s finished to the point said 12yos can decide properly if they like the game or no. It’s obvious kids are gullible and will look at early access games as thou they were finished, especially when they have to pay a full price.

Early access program should get some serious restrictions. Right now it’s “Yes you got a free ipad, but there was that little annotation that said ur mouth is going to be sewn to someone’s ass”. Selling an underdeveloped game for it’s full price with a rule that it can end up as a completely different game ignoring opinions of people that bought it is just ridiculous. Rust dev team is abusing this rule so hard. They are either incompetent or they are trying to change their target playerbase in order to get more money from new people.

I expect server owners to be able to toggle third person and I think enemies will be integrated through the item editor in the future. This will mean that not only will servers have there own generated maps and item rule sets but also the possibility for server owners to configure the type of enemy NPC. Each server will hopefully have the potential to be an entirely different experience. I believe Garry/Facepunch aren’t listening to people at the moment because they have more knowledge of building the core of a game than the general folks making posts like this on the forums.

What is actually so hard about this?

I want an answer.

No dude, You want some fresh air and some sun. Both can be found outside of ur basement.

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I’m half/half about 3rd person. I think it’ll encourage people to use foliage and other kinds of tactics which depend on your ability to know when you’re concealed.

Why are you here, in the Rust sub-forums, if that is truly what you believe? I find it reprehensibly sad that someone with so little faith in a developer would actually spend their free time on a site revolving around said developer.

And i say thank god for the middle finger. If it was up to sqeakers, Rust would become a Dinosaur Call of Duty.

lol you have NO SAY over what happens to the game. Quit acting so entitled just because you paid $20. I guess because its in alpha people get this warped idea that they control the game but wake up, you dont.

I never said I control the game … and i never said i felt entitled . I just thought that these ideas that were mostly wide spread accepted among the community would be implemented at some point or another… I’m mostly just bummed about no dinos. tbh

i said this 2 months ago and everyone spat in my face. this community is blindly loyal. this game is almost a year old… roflmaowowwtf zero updates in months, months. months. and the updates they are doing seem to only make the game worse. rust has been dead for a while now.

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I think Facepunch have been very clear and up front about the extent to which they’ll take on board feedback from the user community - ie. “we’ll listen to your ideas but won’t necessarily act on them” (I’m paraphrasing). Which I’m totally fine with.

Off topic, but I do feel that a game that has netted funding in excess of $30 million should be progressing at a faster rate. It still feels like a ‘bedroom project’ to some extent. There’s some good in that of course - Gary and the team clearly care about their product. But the speed of progress might ultimately not be able to keep pace with the industry as a whole, with Rust getting left behind as other - and dare I say potentially better games - capturing this niche of the market.

But we’ll see… :wink:

they are currently re writing the game so what more do you want the exp branch isn’t quite working yet to stress test but it’s getting there just chill out and enjoy the experience

Exactly, Garry said some time ago that the rewriting will take some time, but then, when this is done, new features will come up really quick. I think we can see the beginning of it at this moment, yet some people will never be satisfied no matter what, demanding their dinosaur toys.

What are you doing here ? Didn’t you say you don’t have time for the kids on these forums that didn’t share the secret of the no recoil macro with you and you will focus more on your “motorcycle” ?(on your main account) Being a tester doesn’t make you a developer . You test the game you tell them what’s not working and what you’d like to see in the game . That doesn’t mean they will add your ideas just because you paid 20$ . I personally hate the 3rd person but still I’m not gonna throw comments left and right asking why don’t they listen to me because I paid 20$ . Have patience , the game will improve a lot in time .