I downloaded gmod 9, just one problem though.

I downloaded gmod 9 and it is in my steam games page, i just can’t launch it.

The game luanches to the beggening loading screen with the zero gravity manipulater and the paint cans. then it terminates the game and has an error 215, it says no steam servers available.

Is there any way to fix this or am i screwd?

EDIT: alright i have a screenshot of the error codes and all the games i have on steam.

sorry but i could not figure out how to post the picture so i just posted the link to the photobucket page.

First, every single GMod 9 thread has to be answered with “Get GMod 10”. It’s not a rule, it’s just everyone will do it and be cocks about it.

Second, screenshot the error please. I think I know what you mean, but I’m not 100% sure

First of all, the one problem is that it’s gmod 9.

But seriously, it seems that Valve have stopped using their authentication servers to I dunno, do anything about gmod 9. So to the most of my knowledge, you’re screwed.

you gotta have HL2dm/CSS/DoD thats what I got from another thread. before when I tried to play Gmod 9 I didnt have any other steam games other than TF2 and L4D but then I got Hl2dm CSS and DoD and it works

He must have it or it wouldn’t of been in the Steam menu.

Actually, its CSS, HL2:DM, and HL2. As I recall from trying it, there was no DOD models. What I don’t get is, if he has enough for the games that 9 requires, why not buy 10? :confused:

It appears, I didn’t have CS: S or DoD: S, and it still showed up, I had to modify the gameinfo to get it to work though. I forgot how.

Get Gmod 10…

You won’t regret it.

Anyways; [img_thumb]http://www.facepunch.com/fp/rating/box.png[/img_thumb]


gmod9 is outdated to fix any errors run all the source games needed for it to run at least once
gmod9 can be played but most addons are supported by gmod10
error for servers is:your version does not match the servers please restart the game an error i got when i try to connect to the servers
gmod9 servers are not up to date

I think what’s going on is it’s trying to download a game he needs for 9, but doesn’t own it. So Steam is like “No, fuck you” and the instance of Source running GM9 is going “Hmm, servers must be failing”

Maybe because by buying those games, he doesn’t have enough left for 10?

HOLY SHIT! the colorblind desktop of doom. You need CSS and you’re good to go

I just installed GMod 9 and…

Stop! Sorry but GMod 9.0 is no longer supported by me. The answer to all GMod9 questions is "Get GMod10".

- garrysmod.com FAQ

What Facepunch fails to realize is GARRY won’t support GMod 9 anymore.

And he doesn’t give a flying fuck if WE do.

True. He doesn’t support it, that doesn’t mean we are also forbidden to do so.

Hmmmmmm, thanks guys, I guess i just need to get gmod 10. I think i can con my dad into giving me 10 bucks. Thanks every one.

What the fuck is up with your screen by the way? That has to rape your eyes.

i think his color quality is 1bit

It’s probably because you don’t have CS:S.

That error means you don’t have CS:S. You need it for GM9 to function.

Also, did you change the color settings on your video card to help your monitor or some shit?