"I dropped by."


Rojas: “Hi, there.”
Assistant: “May I help you, sir?”
“I want to buy some candybar.”
“How many?”
“3 candybars please. One for myself, and two for my fellows.”
“Here you are. 3 bucks, sir.”
“Here’s the 1,000 bucks and keep the change. Don’t make such a stupid drama again.”

I cant find any context in your text.

I don’t want to know what he’s doing with his hands.

Where did you get the gangster’s model?

is that dialogue an excuse to say you didnt purposely pose some gangster pissing in front of a car full of terrorists

All from COD:MW2

The picture behind his shirt is saying so.

Dat line on his head.

Two faces.

Faraon_ZzZ is a motherfucker that rates our pictures dumb.

Nice picture, and you know what I’m not 100% good at Photoshopping.