i dunno how to use it


i dont know how to use tiberium/life support addon X|

Fucking great thread-title. Really explains alot.
Just put the files in “addons” ?
That’d be:

And ofcourse, you have to extract/unpack the files.

Do you mean how to use it “in-game”? Or do you want to know how to install? (see post above)

To use it in the game, you need the “wire mod”, too.
Please use better Thread titles…

rixx, thanks for NOT helping
just a cookie, thanks lol. i got it ingame, it work fine (i think…) but i dont know how to use. (yes i have wiremod obviously)

Life Support also needs Resource Distribution.

When you have both, you use the Link Tool to link generators (air compressors, coolant generators, solar panels) to storage devices (air tanks, coolant tanks, energy cells, resource caches, etc.) to the device you want to use (air exchanger, heat exchanger, climate regulator, etc.)

ok but what is point? why doesnt it go to stroage (tiberium)

I don’t use Tiberium.

I think it is broken (not sure though).

Are you using LS2 and RD2, or 3?

Cause Tiberium is from the 2 era, so if you have 3, that could be the issue

ok I’ll figure trith thing on my own. Now how do I produce with generators, and what is the point of life support (btw, I have 3)

life support makes it so you can go into extreme heat/cold, underwater, and in space, without dying.

To use generators, you need a few things;

a generator
a resource node (at least, you need one in LS3 and RD3)
an energy source (solar panel and wind generator are good)
something to hold the energy and something to hold whatever the generator makes (or, get a resource cache, and hold both in the same place).

uh compressors make the gas they go to. You have to put water pumps in water. Wind generators on planets with atmos. Solar panels where there is sun. Hydro generators IN water. all have to be hooked up to a resource node and you have to have storage containers for all of them. You could just use a resource cache. If you cant figure out the rest you really really need some help or dont have any business playing SB.

ok next question

Why when I hook up air compress to air tank, it doesnt fill?
why can’t I turn solar on?
then what is point of energy cell?
so I cud uhhh, make a sub?

air compresser needs energy, and needs to be turned on.
solar panel is on if it is in the light, (and it is connected to a resource node, if you are playing the 3’s)
energy cell is a battery, it holds energy

I link battery to solar, nothing

What map are you doing this on?

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Try setting up a heat exchanger :350:


And I’m on iPod, but I think name is like buildconstruct v2

you have to connect everything to a resource node you cant just connect a solar panel directly to a battery (at least i dont believe you can) Try using resource nodes. as long as its within range of the resource node you can connect it to it.

node? As in find a map wile ur on the sun? Doesnt that make it… Lame?

no, a Resource Node.

You spawn them, they come in various sizes (which affects the range they cover).

Solar panels work in any light, so they still make power in space (very useful).

And most Space build maps (what LS and RD were basically made for) have light, so, it really isn’t a problem