"I ever tell you about that time my buddy Keith got chased by Crocidiles.?"

“*Funny as hell. He was being chased by them for hours! One of 'em even bit off his leg and ripped out his torso!”



Effort was put into this pic…

Photoshop fucked up on me when I was editing this picture for something else and it got all blurry. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know.

Nothing else


15 views? No replies?

Come on facepunch.

New angle + Original.

Old angle and original.

this is pretty cool man

Posing on Keith looks weird, the blur looks shit but then you should have posted the original if you knew the blur fucked it up since I can’t tell what was edited on this picture anyways, and I personally don’t find it that funny or nice looking even.

Kinda boring and really blurry.

Yeah. I’m not sure why the blur is there.

But atleast it isn’t a COD4 russian being shot at by a solider.

where did u get those crocodiles?


Crocs in an urban area. Why not. Everything is possible. I mean. Arnold Schwarzenegger had an acting career.


picture is too blurry
camera angle is pretty bad

I have to agree