I fell through the map and died.

lol That sucks. I fell through the map, died. Lost Kevlar and an M4 and like 30 foood. :confused:
I was literally just walking up a hill and then boom. Fell through.

The only way you fall through is if your trying to glitch into the bottom of foundations :smiley:

Well I wasn’t I just fell through.

Welcome to alpha.

God. I hate replies like this. I know it is alpha. I was just reporting what happened. Quit this shit. I am not complaining just saying.

Why are you getting angry? I welcomed you, you should be happy.

No. You are stating it’s alpha like I didn’t already know this… I have probably been playing longer than you. I understand it is alpha and there will be bugs. I am just stating what happened.

It’s happened to me too. My friend was inside his house, I asked to be let in, he opened the door and closed it immediately as I was walking through the doorway. This spit me out and pushed me through the bottom of the ground and I died instantly, losing all my stuff.