I found a spy


it was for contest but then i did the wrong kind of spy so i just post it in a thread

Everyone point and laugh. :v:

I like it, just that, you should have made her hands/fingers look more surrender-ish.

yeah i should of

i knew of i was missing something haha

That’s a pretty huge pants we got there
Really, it’s at least half wider then a girl itself

that’s pretty normal sized

girls don’t have to wear skinny jeans lol plus it could be thick loose pants since it’s combat pants

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and she’s wearing a mans uniform cuz she’s a spy

It’s just…since the first Half-Life I’ve always thought that the female spies must wear a tight uniform simply because the girl on the picture can get stuck in a narrow vents or something :v:


teenagst these days much??

I expected TF2.

I was pleasantly surprised.

An emo-spy from the anti-happiness corporation.

I like it. . .Something seems iffy about it. . cant find out why