"I found him going for a cell phone" Soldiers restraining an insurgent


“And that’s how you fuck insurgents in the butt, kids!”

Are those one of the Insurgency maps?

If so, ;_;

If not, which one?

It’s an insurgency map.

“I just wanted to call my mother :frown:”

I would be pretty suspicious of the shemagh anyway.

The guy on the right looks like he’s holding the shotgun weird.

ala hurt locker?
nah, This is just plain awesome

i’d just pop him in the head the second i see him move.

Ouch gang rape. Take my capitalistic cock up your…

“Hurry up corporal Boboo. Captain Darling is next”.

i like it,
the atmosphere is pretty good
guy on the right broke his hand and has a noclip shirt or hand…

Holy shit, the guy in the back looks like some super soldier

where can i get the bomb suit model?


nevermind i found it