I found this Griever Gundam Contraption on Youtube

I found this Griever Gundam Contraption on Youtube, It was fucking beast. I need to see somebody make a better Mech then this. :v:

Dude, uncleste is pretty badass but this thing is scripted as you can see (I HOPE) :stuck_out_tongue:

Most awful robot/music I’ve ever seen/heard. The only thing it has going for it is some hammer made functions and its size.

It sucks.

Yeah this seemed awesome back in the day but now we could probably do this without hammer with better functionality.

Hmmm this doesn’t look like it uses wiremod
anyway looks quite good

E2 is the hip thing these days.

Too bad I can’t use it. =/

although its scripted it’s still amazing

my damn video card
that MAP would lag me

anyway, cool model and script- need more walk better

Just a quick question to everyone here going on about it not being good because it is scripted.

What do you think addons like wire are that you would use to create this these days?
All the new addons do is create new scripts of behaviour for objects to follow.

Only difference between this and anything you guys think you could build is that this guy scripted it himself instead of using pre-scripted addons.

Hammer makes me sick. Why call it a Garry’s Mod contraption if you’re not even using Garry’s Mod to make the important parts of it?

I’m just pissed at Ste for never telling me how to get npc_launcher or func_tank to work on a contraption. jerk face.

Seriously, if you want to trash this for only being scripted, you would need to program wire mod on your own and then build something. And come on internet, do we have to smash on everything? Lets just take it for what it is. Yes, it’s old. Yes, other people have built better than that now, but thats progress. If anyone remembers moocow’s walking castle, if he posted that now, people would think it was total shat, but it was the first one ever built. Very few other people were building this complex back then. [/internet is serious business]

I’m only upset that I don’t get access to RPG launchers like that :frowning:

No one is saying it sucks cause it is scripted. I’m saying it sucks even though it’s scripted. It’s got some shit hammer knocked up func_s and everyone goes like “olol praise it shoots rawkets”. It’s way too big for anything other than a flat map, and it can’t even walk like it’s supposed to. And yeah, allright, saying it sucks was a bit of a stretch. It doesn’t. But you can make tons better these days using E2 where you have to code the whole expression instead of just going ctrl+t and adding some inputs.

I’m not one to talk though, I always get other people to code expressions.

Rocket hogging bums

Greifer gundam?

It’s like a giant cock robot that makes white noise and makes you quit.

I am quite impressed by this. How does it use Hammer combined with Garry’s Mod exactly? It does intruige me that you could control mech type things using hammer and wire and lua_run or something, but I am probably talking crap.

Hammer is a program that allows you to create vmf’s, which are like a script of props and constraints etc that can be used in source programs

Alot of people have a thing against hammer because they class it as not a gmod contraption, even though all the props were placed in gmod and moved over to hammer to create a vmf. I prefer vmf’s over normal contraptions, you can spawn them on any map and they wont spazz out and black hole.

Yeah I know about Hammer but how can they get hammer contraptions INTO gmod in the first place without using a completely new map? I have tried that vmf suite and it has never worked for me.

VMF Suite is the only way, but it is broken now. But back then it worked.

I remember when this was released. This brings back memories of the good old days of Garry’s Mod. :slight_smile:

Can someone explain how it broke? That would make me totemo happy. They said they fixed it, which invoked such a bubbling spring of joy in the depths of my soul that moved me to finally shell out the 5 bucks to by Gmod10 (lolz discount) after 4 years of foot dragging. Unfortunately, this pure water was quickly cullied and pissed on when the VMF suit did little more than occupy a random spot on my tool menu and look pretty.