"I found you, you sneaky bitch..." Pyro standing on Spy


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Nice! Like the dual axe wieldings, too.

Your opinion makes me happy Joe :3 Thanks for the comment!


Putin approves.

Spasiba mister Putin :stuck_out_tongue:

You are opinion.

Nice work.

Edited. Thanks for your grammar check xD Thanks for the comment

Haha perfect caption for the picture. The pic’s awesome by the way.

lol nice

Thanks guys :3 I think this is the best one I have done yet

How can he carry three axes, and one Flamethrower?

The title should be: Er hudda ha hraa hera

I like to think you ironically get stabbed alot as pyro.


Actually no. I stab many Pyros as a Spy tho :3

Flamethrower run out of ammo = AXE RAMPAAAAAAGEEEE!

I like the dual axes

Thank you for bumping all of Fussy’s threads.

I miss :ughh:

Now we need to hotlink it.