I get error,when compiling project VS! Help me with Error

Guys, when compiling dll for gmod ran into the following problem ?!
1> dMain.obj: error LNK2001: unresolved external character “” class IVModelInfoClient * modelinfo “(? Modelinfo @@ 3PAVIVModelInfoClient @@ A)”


//===== Copyright © 1996-2005, Valve Corporation, All rights reserved. ======//
// Purpose: 
// $NoKeywords: $
#ifdef _WIN32
#pragma once
// Forward declarations
class IMaterial;
class KeyValues;
struct vcollide_t;
struct model_t;
class Vector;
class QAngle;
class CGameTrace;
struct cplane_t;
typedef CGameTrace trace_t;
struct studiohdr_t;
struct virtualmodel_t;
typedef unsigned char byte;
struct virtualterrainparams_t;
class CPhysCollide;
typedef unsigned short MDLHandle_t;
class CUtlBuffer;
class IClientRenderable;
// Indicates the type of translucency of an unmodulated renderable
enum RenderableTranslucencyType_t
	RENDERABLE_IS_TWO_PASS,	// has both translucent and opaque sub-partsa
// Model info interface
// change this when the new version is incompatable with the old
class IVModelInfo
	virtual							~IVModelInfo(void) { }
	virtual const model_t			*GetModel(int modelindex) const = 0;
	// Returns index of model by name
	virtual int						GetModelIndex(const char *name) const = 0;
	// Returns name of model
	virtual const char				*GetModelName(const model_t *model) const = 0;
	virtual vcollide_t				*GetVCollide(const model_t *model) const = 0;
	virtual vcollide_t				*GetVCollide(int modelindex) const = 0;
	virtual void					GetModelBounds(const model_t *model, Vector& mins, Vector& maxs) const = 0;
	virtual	void					GetModelRenderBounds(const model_t *model, Vector& mins, Vector& maxs) const = 0;
	virtual int						GetModelFrameCount(const model_t *model) const = 0;
	virtual int						GetModelType(const model_t *model) const = 0;
	virtual void					*GetModelExtraData(const model_t *model) = 0;
	virtual bool					ModelHasMaterialProxy(const model_t *model) const = 0;
	virtual bool					IsTranslucent(model_t const* model) const = 0;
	virtual bool					IsTranslucentTwoPass(const model_t *model) const = 0;
	virtual void					Unused0() {};
	virtual RenderableTranslucencyType_t ComputeTranslucencyType(const model_t *model, int nSkin, int nBody) = 0;
	virtual int						GetModelMaterialCount(const model_t* model) const = 0;
	virtual void					GetModelMaterials(const model_t *model, int count, IMaterial** ppMaterials) = 0;
	virtual bool					IsModelVertexLit(const model_t *model) const = 0;
	virtual const char				*GetModelKeyValueText(const model_t *model) = 0;
	virtual bool					GetModelKeyValue(const model_t *model, CUtlBuffer &buf) = 0; // supports keyvalue blocks in submodels
	virtual float					GetModelRadius(const model_t *model) = 0;
	virtual const studiohdr_t		*FindModel(const studiohdr_t *pStudioHdr, void **cache, const char *modelname) const = 0;
	virtual const studiohdr_t		*FindModel(void *cache) const = 0;
	virtual	virtualmodel_t			*GetVirtualModel(const studiohdr_t *pStudioHdr) const = 0;
	virtual byte					*GetAnimBlock(const studiohdr_t *pStudioHdr, int iBlock) const = 0;
	virtual bool					HasAnimBlockBeenPreloaded(studiohdr_t const*, int) const = 0;
	// Available on client only!!!
	virtual void					GetModelMaterialColorAndLighting(const model_t *model, Vector const& origin,
		QAngle const& angles, trace_t* pTrace,
		Vector& lighting, Vector& matColor) = 0;
	virtual void					GetIlluminationPoint(const model_t *model, IClientRenderable *pRenderable, Vector const& origin,
		QAngle const& angles, Vector* pLightingCenter) = 0;
	virtual int						GetModelContents(int modelIndex) const = 0;
	virtual studiohdr_t				*GetStudioModel(const model_t *mod) = 0;
	virtual int						GetModelSpriteWidth(const model_t *model) const = 0;
	virtual int						GetModelSpriteHeight(const model_t *model) const = 0;
	// Sets/gets a map-specified fade range (client only)
	virtual void					SetLevelScreenFadeRange(float flMinSize, float flMaxSize) = 0;
	virtual void					GetLevelScreenFadeRange(float *pMinArea, float *pMaxArea) const = 0;
	// Sets/gets a map-specified per-view fade range (client only)
	virtual void					SetViewScreenFadeRange(float flMinSize, float flMaxSize) = 0;
	// Computes fade alpha based on distance fade + screen fade (client only)
	virtual unsigned char			ComputeLevelScreenFade(const Vector &vecAbsOrigin, float flRadius, float flFadeScale) const = 0;
	virtual unsigned char			ComputeViewScreenFade(const Vector &vecAbsOrigin, float flRadius, float flFadeScale) const = 0;
	// both client and server
	virtual int						GetAutoplayList(const studiohdr_t *pStudioHdr, unsigned short **pAutoplayList) const = 0;
	// Gets a virtual terrain collision model (creates if necessary)
	// NOTE: This may return NULL if the terrain model cannot be virtualized
	virtual CPhysCollide			*GetCollideForVirtualTerrain(int index) = 0;
	virtual bool					IsUsingFBTexture(const model_t *model, int nSkin, int nBody, void /*IClientRenderable*/ *pClientRenderable) const = 0;
	virtual const model_t			*FindOrLoadModel(const char *name) const = 0;
	virtual MDLHandle_t				GetCacheHandle(const model_t *model) const = 0;
	// Returns planes of non-nodraw brush model surfaces
	virtual int						GetBrushModelPlaneCount(const model_t *model) const = 0;
	virtual void					GetBrushModelPlane(const model_t *model, int nIndex, cplane_t &plane, Vector *pOrigin) const = 0;
	virtual int						GetSurfacepropsForVirtualTerrain(int index) = 0;
	virtual bool					UsesEnvCubemap(const model_t *model) const = 0;
	virtual bool					UsesStaticLighting(const model_t *model) const = 0;
class IVModelInfoClient : public IVModelInfo
struct virtualterrainparams_t
	// UNDONE: Add grouping here, specified in BSP file? (test grouping to see if this is necessary)
	int index;

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