I give up.

I’m sick of this. It’s an alpha so we’re supposed to be testing.

We’re supposed to be finding bugs and exploits and telling admins about it so that they can be fixed.
We’re supposed to find glitches and report them so they can be fixed.
We’re supposed to give feedback on what can be improved and how it can be improved.

IMPOSSIBLE to do any of that with all these kill on sight retards going round thinking they’re playing Free For All in Call of Dickheads.

I’m out.

EDIT: Oh yes, I was killed twenty times this morning. All within a minute of hitting random respawn.

Feel free to give me your account

This is what happens when the only game kids play is CoD. No strategy, just kill everyone in sight. If they do the same in dayZ they won’t get far.

unholyKyono…my friend i m sorry …dont give up!
i have a saying: “when u die alot and u cant do any thing…just start streaming” :smiley:

don’t give up, build stuff and try to find ways to protect yourself from those who want to kill you, and survive! that’s what the game is about…
I’d do that if I were you…

As you said it there is the same issue in DayZ. People these days are too ignorant easiest way to survive is to stay away and avoid contact with others ( which clearly isn’t the point of these games).

UnholyKyono be prepared of people begging for the account now. This will be spammed as hell

It is the nature of gaming. See a player, kill that player, T-bag him and move on.

Besides, I am sure they are just testing the death and kill mechanics of the game and you were testing the respawning. Think of it as 20 successful deaths and 20 successful respawns :slight_smile: I would recommend 1000 more just to comfirm that it is working properly. You know, just to be sure.

Feels like it sometimes. but in all honesty, It’s really fun.
Only things that is annoying me is the day/night cycle, but that will obviously change with time.

Try setting yourself some tasks, create a safe place for other friendly players. Hunt down the “spot-kill” players and repay them for every innocent life they have taken. Anything that can keep you occupy, the game looks fun, but the players don’t have to be nice and friendly this is the nature of survival game you get the good guys and those ones that do anything to survive.