"I gonna rock your world baby..." - Nemesis and Jill standing all cool.

"Cume with me…"

My god this ragdoll is awesome!
Inspirited by that music:

As always, only ingame editing.

Remove the cigar and it looks like he’s going to give her a knuckle sandwich.

Looks coo bro.

Lol, I love that smile. :v:

I love that singer’s voice.


Good pose…

Noice work :3

. . .

So Voltaire was referring to a rapist zombie-monster in that song?

Anyways, lovely pic, needs more gatling-gun arm.



Also, what the hell is “cume”

I’m scared.


That smile is just great paired with those glasses lol

wow… you dont know hes refering to ‘cum’ – heh, dumbshit

No, I got that, dumbshit, but what’s with the “e” at the end? It doesn’t make sense.

Well kari doesn’t have great english

he’s russian

what a :fork:

it is just mix of words

cume :v:


cume or “k-you-hm”

He’s touching her bewbie :saddowns:

Good pose tho :v:

Fixed that for ya.

Great pose! :smiley: