I Got a EAC Banned

I got EAC Banned from all the servers and dont know why, the day before i was raiding some house whit my friends and all good. Next day im trying too loging and get the Banned. Legit player here. Pls help.

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

Buy another copy and don’t cheat.

Games on account:1
Posts on forum: 1

Profiling is usually highly accurate.

So if a wanna play Only Rust i have to buy more games?? Fucking smart.

Either you used a cheat, or someone you’re sharing your account with did. Either way, you’re boned. You’ll have to buy Rust again on a different Steam account if you wish to play it again.

No one can do anything for you here, contact EAC

Where i can contact them? Thanks for the help.

Of course you can just buy Rust to play Rust. But if you only have 1 game on your account, I’m profiling you as a cheater.

Thanks a lot

“Legit player here”

guys we should unban him clearly we can trust him he’s a LEGIT player. he’s LEGIT

I have 32,886 Posts that makes me trustworthy

You did not attempt to play Rust. You do not get to play with Rust. You were allowed to participate in Rust. Now you aren’t.

Finding that one has become entirely immersed in rust will not occur if your comprehension of the game is gaining a greater ability to cause death and misery to others.

Playing the alpha of Rust is a privilege. Your privilege was revoked.