I got a SnailDL instead of FastDL :D

So my fastDL is slow as fck
“someone” has connected
“someone” has connected
“someone” has connected
“someone” has connected
“someone has disconnected”
“someone has disconnected”
“someone has disconnected”
“someone has disconnected”
"someone left a message: F

well the “someone left a message: F*CKING SLOW D0WNLOAD” is a joke of course :smiley:

i bzipped2 my files, but they still download the same size, meaning doesn’t make it faster… any other free ways to make it evolve from snailDL to FastDL? :smiley:

Maybe you just haven’t properly set up the FastDL?

I am using a free 000webhost domain so…

I just need sumtin that could improve it

The fact that you are using 000webhost means nothing. You could still set it up incorrectly. Set net_maxfilesize to 0.1 and see if you still are able to download anything from the server.

By enabling sv_downloadurl, the net_maxfilesize command is ignored.

@OP: You should just get a hosting package somewhere, for a few bucks per month.

feralhosting ftw

Isn’t Feral Hosting more of a seedbox service?
Plus, how do you know OP wants hosting in NL?

you can also try it via the steam workshop resource.Addworkshop(“workshop id”)

is also fast and dont have to buy webhosting for that

besure you add your -authkey and +host_workshop_collection id to your comandline

That’s what I am trying to test. >_>

I used workshop before, but i want a real fastDL

Why not just use Workshop, it’s better in like every way.

Ugh are you serious?
Workshop is slow compared to FastDL. My FastDL is hosted on a private 250 Mbit upload, always maximizes everyone that joins download speed. WorkshopDL is very slow compared to a FastDL with good network speed.

Yes I am, your upload speed won’t matter if you send like 1000 1kb files, because there’s a constant delay between two file downloads. Of course if it’s like a few big files then FastDL will be faster.

Trust me, nginx serves files faster than WorkshopDL. It’s all about a correctly setup web-server. It also caches the files so it serves them even faster.
Ask anyone in the web dev section if you don’t believe me.

Not to mention that WorkshopDL files has to be mounted aswell.

In the long run, a FastDL will always outrun WorkshopDL.

And a second note, what about those servers that just has a single player model from a model pack of 5 models? Using WorkshopDL for that means that the player has to download all 5 models, while FastDL can be setup to only serve the needed files for that one player model.
It’s all about sloppy work or dedication towards your server.

Not to mention WorkshopDL is terribly inefficient with space because of the fact that .gma’s are replicated into a totally separate file when you download an addon update from a server, and there’s still no cleanup menu so you have to manually delete them after you leave a server.

Cmon guys :smiley: pls help

We already did.

Well i still can’t get it faster?

Purchase a website hosting package from someone. =)

Have you set up your fastdl correctly?
Try to use the workshop download system. http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/resource/AddWorkshop
Stop using 000webhost and use something else. :slight_smile:
Make sure you have an addResource.lua file.
Make sure it’s not just u with the error.