I got an Idea

I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen this suggestion anywhere else on the forum for Rust, please link me if it has already been brought up.

How about being able to lay down?? And go prone. Laying down on your sleeping bag will restore health faster or maybe a possibility that you have a tired meter and it decreases throughout the day and depending on how long/far you’ve traveled, This would make having a sleeping bag with you wherever you go a must. You would need to lay down when using your sleeping bag(the sleeping bag would have some perk to sleeping with it, ex. comfort measurement to restore hp and reduce hunger decrease while sleeping) or just lay down anywhere if your low on “fatigue”, also when laying down to sleep you will be aware of your surroundings just in case, so you can hear footsteps and animal noises nearby. When laying down to sleep(not prone) You will be face up when sleeping and if you hear a sound you will wake up in a startled position with an in game animation of your head jerking from left to right(or something similar) to stimulate the dreadful feeling of waking up frightened. What do you guys think?

Not a bad idea, though I can’t imagine why anyone would just lie prone on their sleeping bag for any amount of time at all…

When laying on the sleeping bag you would be on your back instead of face down. that way if you hear someone coming you can maybe sit up and look around (this is why you should maybe throw your bag in front of a tree or under a tree so you can have you back secure) thats where the waking up startled idea comes into effect.

Yes, but the idea relies on the player deciding to just sit their character down for 10 minutes and do absolutely nothing, which I can’t see happening if I’m brutally honest.

But everyone would have to if there’s a tired meter, or fatigue meter, because lets face it, nobody can run for that amount of time, that fast, and that distance (Im talking about how everyone sprints across the map with no bodily consequences) without getting fatigued… Just saying.

Also it wouldn’t be ten minutes, it would be whatever the devs decided how long it takes for superman to get tired, or how long it takes for a rust player character to get tired, and how long they think it should take the fatigue meter to restore.

Well the sprinting isn’t completely without consequence, your food meter depletes pretty damn fast over a long distance run.
I think it would just make you too much of a target to be honest, as if people don’t KOS enough, the sight of a guy asleep would just be too tempting for the majority of players.

I get what your saying, but the idea of the game is to make it realistic is it not? And who’s to say that the KOS’ers don’t have to sleep and be a target themselves, as it would apply to the majority of the players of course. So in all reality this would make raiding a base far away difficult if you didn’t have full fatigue, or you weren’t fully rested. It would MAKE every player traveling, even the fully equipped ones AND the noobs, a sitting duck at some points in the game, hence why this should be done at night and you could have some sort of in game sleeping schedule.

Ok, I see what you’re saying here, and agree for the most part.

Two points though:

If everyone must be vulnerable at some point, that completely detracts from the idea of survival of the fittest…if you knew there was going to be a period at which you were vulnerable regardless of how successful you were in game, wouldn’t that remove the benefits somewhat?

Second, day and night in reality last 12 hours, and the general rule is that everyone sleeps at night (my heart goes out to those on the graveyard shift, I know your pain). In game however, the day and night cycle is much shorter, and consequently we lack the established sleep patterns we have in reality. I for one prefer to do all my gathering at night and crafting and building during the day.

But still the aspect of surviving requires one to rest. And the night being short would be a reason to make sleep time a short process as well.

It might actually be good idea if say you’re in your house near/on your bed crafting. And if you sit down your crafting time decreases by lets say 10%, that way you benefit from crafting at your base instead of on the go.\

Though I still think the more that you craft an item, the quicker you should be able to craft it again due to experience in crafting said item.

May this please get a voting poll?

You had the option to create it as a poll when you created the thread. Please do not create a second thread just to get the poll option.

Sorry, I don’t know where the Pole option is… Didn’t mean to upset you. Mad^ I posted this idea shortly after purchasing my rust key and I was new to the forums, I didn’t even know you could make a poll for your post…

I don’t think it would fit very well to the pvp aspect of the game.

I think this would implement another weakness to all players (including the powerful ones) while their out raiding or doing something nasty. Also, going prone isn’t a good aspect to PvP? Ok…

I’m not mad, I just didn’t want you to think that the right move would be to create another thread with the poll option set. Making a duplicate thread would bring bad things down on you.

Also, for future reference, here’s where you set the poll. The option’s tucked down with the other extra options beneath the normal posting box.

Thank you. Hopefully there are more opinions on this matter?

I’d love the ability to prone for PvP.

Well all these ideas are nice but if you ask me they are against the fast paced pvp style of rust.
So if you could go prone it ll be long fights as in dayz, to hard to spot and shoot etc…


I would love to prone so I can lay there all day look at the balls when the sun goes down.