I got attacked by that stupid LUA virus i think

I was playing Garry’s Mod…and randomly (in SINGLE PLAYER) in the chat, “i” randomly said “You’ve just been infected with GN’s LUA virus! Have fun!” and right after that, my view flies all over the screen randomly, and it wont stop. I restarted Garry’s Mod, re-installed Garry’s Mod, deleted the entire Garry’s Mod directory in the steam folder…NOTHING WORKED. It happens no matter what server I play on!

Anyone else getting this??

goto your sounds folder and delete z.mp3

or any mp3 that when opened in notepad is lua code

There was nothing there called that :’(

Ouch bro, that sucks. The best I can think of is wiping JUST your LUA folder.

EDIT: :slight_smile: miss-read… nvm…
but maybe u downloaded a gmod virus that is in one of ur programs…
best thing to do is uninstall that last program u installed in the last 2 months…