I got banned after I had only been playing for 15 minutes? Please Help!

I was playing and I built a shack, put up a door logged off and then I went back to www.playrust.com try to join the server and it wasn’t letting me in so I refreshed my page and than it said I was banned?

Dont worry, you are not banned, happens to everyone sometimes!

Check the faq…might be there, but I’ve heard this is an issue with IE browser, perhaps. If that’s your situation, wait a short bit and try another browser.

Thanks for the help its working fine on Google chrome, I guess I will just have to check back on IE later.

IE Is horrible don’t use it. Use chrome or firefox.

Hello bigbois! shoutout to bänkelito!

(User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - MaxOfS2D))

Stop posting that on every forum post its counted as spam

Okay! Sorry bigfish!

I had a ton of problems using IE. After switching to use chrome, all those problems disappeared. Won’t be going back to it for playing rust :slight_smile:

Mortal is calling, it needs your balls back.

lol…hey…I’m still missing Rust and the hopeful interest that some dev gives a sh&t about incorporating an anti-cheat engine. :slight_smile: