I got banned by a abusive admin:(

so me and my friend reaper were on a ts with these people who where the admins when we got baned from it(another story)
we decided to try take on all these kevs and admin. there was about 10 + of them all in kev
so i kill one of the kevs then my friend jumps in my baseso we can defende from there now this base iis super small oonly like 2 stories so all they need is 2 stairs and there in
so we kill one and then kill another …and thats when they started to be abusive they spawned a shit ton of charges and spam it at the botom of my house so where still defeding from the top now we where here crafting walls and barricades and everything trying to make them not get in. but they have infinate charges so they just keep blowing in .
no we where thinking we where screwed but we mannaged to take all them out us being a very good shot so we have so much kev and everything about 4 large storagechest full of kev and m4s so were like we have to get out of here so we run well they are still trying to get us in our base but when they realise we are a gone we are very far from them so we have the supplies to build a base then out of now where the admin invis shows up with uber hatchet and uber bow kills us and says gg
so we successfull killed all them about 30+ times then where saying how butthurt they are when out of now where they say there banning us for hacking becuase a hour before we evEN started pvping then i got desyced and i was showing them what it is so they say i was hacking when all it was ,was a simple bug in the game

the server with the admins abusing there powers are" US Eastcoast II (dev)"

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread/wrong section" - postal))

(User was permabanned for this post ("extended, ban evading" - postal))

this is why u should just use official servers.


Sounds like you did something stupid and aren’t telling the whole story. Regardless, private server can do what they want.