I got banned by EAC and i don't know why.

So a few days ago i decided to go play new rust with some friends, i joined there server but instantly got kicked, on the message it said something about “EAC ban” or something and i dont know what it means. I have never hacked nor have i ever chanced any file in the rust folder. Please help me, best regards Emil.

Edit: So i browsed the forum for a while and found out i needed to link my steam id so here it is:76561198095027112

Don’t hack if you don’t want to be banned. Simple.

Also wrong steamid, you need your 64bit steamid, which is a 17 digit code starting with 76561198.

You do know why…


Someone from eac will let you know soon. Check back in a day or so.
Best of luck

The ban is from a definite detection of a paid cheat. The ban is permanent.

lol yet another one down. Been yet another amusing week in Rust Hacking History

good bye your account :v: