I got banned for no reason!!

I’m here to figure why I have been banned on rust. I purchased the game then a mere 20 minutes later I was banned. I have never used hacks and I don’t intend to do so in the future. Please help me!
Regards, Shut_Up_Donkey

Well, it’s funny how you have a VAC ban that’s 122 days old, and you’ve played Rust for 1.3 hours. However, that ban could be unrelated and apply to a different game.

If the Rust console (press F1) says “facepunch_connector_vac_banned” when you try and connect to any secured server, you are in the wrong place and you need to contact Steam Support: https://support.steampowered.com/ or from the Steam client help menu.

If you can connect to any server but the one you were playing in when you got banned, and the console says something like connection_banned instead of fp_connector_vac_banned, you were server banned by the server admin and nobody but the server admins on that server can do anything about it. If you can connect to some servers and not others and you DO get the VAC error when you can’t connect/get kicked from those servers, as SteakStyles says below me, it’s a community-made server plugin that bans if it sees non-Rust VAC bans on your account. Some admins just manually ban when they see recent VAC bans. Again, we can’t do anything about that either. It’s their server and their rules and their bad attitude.

You’re in the wrong place one way or another.

Also, somebody checked your steam profile on vacbanned.com back in April, shortly after your VAC ban was applied, so somebody noticed when it happened. May not have been you.

Do you have a VAC ban for a game other than Rust? If so, it is possible that you are attempting to play on servers that have a plugin that kicks people with VAC bans on record, regardless of game.

If its a VAC ban in Rust, nobody here can unban you. Even then VAC doesn’t kick in that quickly unless it picks up something that it recognizes as a “hack”.

It does if its some outdated hack that was already detected in the past and its already on their “blacklist”. I’ve seen people getting vac banned with less than 1h in my server :v

Either this guy got banned by some admin after looking at his previous vac ban or he indeed got banned from rust and decided to complain 2 months later :suicide:

I made this video legit just for you because I had the same problem.


i’ve put it on your seperate thread too, but you are an idiot posting this…