I got banned for no reason

Well this is a interesting one or at least I would assume I got banned around 30 minutes ago and I’m a little confused as I was on the game 30 minutes prior to being banned and never was notified of anything of the sort and had been playing on the game for 2 straight days on the exact same server, and don’t understand the reason for my ban as I wasn’t even in a game when it happened I was on the loading screen since this recently happened I wanted to take action as quickly as possible and try to figure out the problem and was curious if I could maybe get unbanned if it is possible as this ban is completely uncalled for.

Sincerly, Tate <3

From what server?

Community or an official one?

If it was a community-run server FP can’t help you with that.

Yes the community is Corrosion Gaming I have already contacted the owner of their servers asking questions and getting recommendations and this is all we were able to find so ima try my hardest to get unbanned

So you just have been banned from a single server and not actually game banned?

No I have been game banned but that’s the only server I have played on as of recently for the past couple days that’s what I have been playing on so I contacted their team when I was curious and they said that they didn’t ban me as they had no reason to do so and said it was on FP side so I tried to take action quickly and it brought me to these forums, But on the game of rust it’s self I’m not banned from a single server in the 300 ish hours I have.

FP can’t help you then, the server is not run by them if it’s a community server. go to the forums of that server or discord or whatever they use and do a ban appeal there.

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Not what I was saying I said it’s a game ban as in I was banned by the Anti Cheat of rust the game itself, not the community that I was a part of at the time. It was a ban that was put out by their Anti-cheat for the game. So it’s
not that server because when I was banned I was on the loading screen of rust and was banned by the game developer aka Facepunch.

Are you able to join any other servers?

If you got banned by EAC you gotta go here if you think the ban is false - Easy Anti-Cheat

No, I am not able to join other servers cause it is an EAC ban