I got banned,please help

I really dont know why,not even use cheat,and im terrible english,one day admin blow up my rockbase,askend some questions,then got banned,this server admin for a long time come back once,even a month,cheaters is rampant,jump on your roof,high jump speed,and aimbot,so i get in to the rock.hope can understand,server:Facepunch Seattle.this is my informationhttp://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198112315476/

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Well it sounds to me like you were banned by a dev for exploiting rock bases. I don’t know if devs ever bother unbanning people, so if this is the case then I suggest moving on to another server, preferably a community server with active admins so that you won’t need to rely on rock bases in order to combat hackers.

other server very lag,i got 300-500ping,but seattle only190ping,you cant imagine how many hackers in hongkong server,all of them are russia key

Like Ajax said, you shouldn’t have used the rock exploit. Time to look for another server

cant forgive?hacker bullying people,i have no choice

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Sorry,i shouldnt hide in the rock

There’s always a choice

hackers blow up my base again and again,jump to my roof,until i went into rock,admin should ban them not me;-;

You used and exploit and got banned from that server. Move on to another. No amount of crying about your ban, complaining about latency, etc is going to change that.

You’ve already been told what to do. Find a community server with an acceptable ping and play there. Jesus, you’re from China playing on a US server. There are likely many servers closer to you that will yield much better pings.

The servers are available for download last I heard, start your own server if the others are too far away

there is a british sell cheat in my countries,alot of people have it,i dont want to join any china server,they use cheat to make fun,very sick,i just want to know if there is anyway to get forgive?

I’m not sure how much clearer it gets. You won’t get unbanned no matter what you do. Move on to another server.

no way to get forgive pal.

Even if you were “forgiven” and let back in, whats to say that you wouldn’t go right back to using an exploit rock base? What with how you are claiming that there are so many cheaters that the only way you could play was to use an exploit? And why do I get a feeling that THAT detail was more so thrown in to make your offense seem lesser?

damn,It’s really difficult to Google translate,but tx for help,It’s my fault, I understand some of the words

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Hope admin such harsh tackle hackers

I think there is a difference between cheating and using an exploit. I mean for that last one you should get warned, but for the first one you should get banned. In this case i quess its more fair to tell him to not use these kind of exploits anymore and play normal, and lift his ban.

A cheating ban is from all servers. Exploiting rocks on official servers earned the OP a server ban on that single server, not a global ban. That’s a warning.

But what if he does not know about this rule and just tried it from youtube. I mean every case is different and we cannot treath them with the knowledge that we ( regulars) have.

I don’t know… My friend said that’s ok,if don’t cheat admin will not ban you,others also glitch the rock too,if is wrong Im not into the rock again, sorry.and i know a very bad glitch,can build anything in people base,ignore cabinet,if i tell you can fix it?i know 3 way to get in the rock

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i going to sleep…now is in the morning6:58,1night didnt sleep ,soo tired,tx for help guys

just join facepunch Japan. or are you banned from that server as well ?

uh.no japan server