I got banned something Wrong

I got banned By gameban facepunch ? or eac

i didn’t use any hack

i don’t know why i got game ban …

when i connect to server i got suddenly gameban

i develope just K-EAC Project .
[link deleted]

This project Detect All Process Check MD5
If Same AA Gaming Loader MD5 WILL Banned by KAC
I just Use For My Server For Client side AntiCheat

When i Tested I Mistake Turn on AA Gaming Loader

I got AA Gaming Loader From Someone I Never Purchase Any Cheat It Just Need Get MD5

I want Unbanned From Wrong GameBan

Add Youtube https://youtu.be/odn9We4lB2M

Just wait for eac to comment.

i really don’t konw why i got game ban…
i’m very nervous my account …

I would list every program you’re using while running rust. anti-cheat detection monitors your RAM as the game plays in the background for programs running alongside rust.

yeah… that is my mistake i think… …eac can’t detect well AA Gaming Hax … so i want make
Client side Anticheat …
it’s result get game ban i think…

You admitted that you turned on AA, and that’s what you got banned for. The system works.

If you’re legit about your anti-cheat stuff, buy Rust on a new account and be more careful next time.

this account So important For me … i don’t wanna buy new acc…

Sorry to say, but that’s just how it works.

If you got your EAC ban removed by claiming it was an accident, you’d be the first one to do so.

Peejster has a point I have never seen someone get unbanned for definite detection of cheat and obviously it can detect of that particular program. but again just hang around they are lurking around the forums they should be here soon

how claiming to eac ?

There are official Facepunch staff members that post in this forum. You’ll just have to wait for an answer from one of them.

No, we are both not eac staff. we’re just saying because we typically browse the forms and we never seen this actually happen most of these bans go and stay as bans

am i understanding correctly that you are trying to make an anticheat system called KONA EAC?

seems a little less than legitimate, but as the others have said, only EAC can really help you here. they loiter around the forums every now and then, so should be able to assist you in some way.

thank your for Your Comment…

watching your video, i need to change my mind; it seems like a legitimate enough project.

my point was/is that calling it anything including “EAC” misrepresents the product as being part of their company. it would be like me making a search engine called “mrknifey google”. might want to reconsider the name.

Doesn’t this just prove that EAC does detect the cheat you are saying that they don’t detect ?

You run the risk of getting caught using the cheat so why would you do it on your main account, if you are using it for testing purposes ?

You can contact EAC here - > https://www.easyanticheat.net/contact/

i think if not Inject . Only run AA Gaming.exe Will not Banned… but … result get banned… cause i don’t have another rust

I took the liberty of removing all the unnecessary parts. Here’s your answer right here.

But i didn’t tested today
I tested 02-18
I got suddenly banned when i connect server

Are you making this for your own server?