I got banned unfairly

Well, i got banned from toybox for 179 days and a few hours, but it was simply unfair to my side, on the rp_fortlongcatv2i, there was a save called “furries ruin children”, a disrespectful save that says a lot of (wrong info and insults) to the furries, (well i am a furry, but i don’t spray yiff on the servers), and since i saw that i posted one large comment saying how crappy (yes, the save was stupid, it was just a renamon ragdoll roped to the celling and chris redfield from resident evil/biohazard with a dorkyface holding a tf2 pistol) and disrespectful it was, and i got banned. i am not sure if the guy’s save got removed or something, but it should be. I got banned, because I was telling a guy the thruth, and I am not sure if he got the punishment he deserves. his username is SkyC.SkyFire, can someone check the save for me? and try to contact garry so he delete that (ridiculous) save from toybox?
i’d be very happy if someone could do that for me.

Why did you do it in the first place?

Sometimes thoughts are better not told.

Tl;dr I can’t fucking read what you are trying to tell us because I get an headace as soon as I start reading.

If you say it’s just crappy and throw insults at it then yes, you’re going to get banned, there is such a thing as constructive criticism.

well all i can do is wait now :frowning:

If you just flamed it’s quite unlikely that you’re going to be unbanned.

well, sometimes you just have to do… puts on sunglasses and bill’s beret …a sacrifice!

francis: i hate sacrifices.

(simplifying what i just said: sometimes you gotta sacrifice yourself/something for some bigger objective)

  1. Who gives a fuck. You don’t have to state your opinion on everything. Don’t use the save file if you don’t like it.
  2. Never post on these forums again, you obviously lack the mental capacity to do so.

all bans are final.

no bitching, whining, or thread creation will lift it.

I cannot even understand what the fuck you’re trying to say, but from what I was able to make out, you should have just left it alone.

No you didn’t.

Nobody cares

FINAL SOLUTION: wait untill the ban is lifted.


are you stupid?

i just don’t know how to close a thread.


I rest my case.

im very sure you are telling the “thruth”


does somebody know how to close a thread? i am sure that everyone here knows that this topic will lead to nowhere. i am sure now that they won’t unban me. that is all i wanted to know to take my decision.

Fly to Walsall and suck Garry’s dick and then you’ll be able to close threads.