I got 'dem BrainDawgs

I was bored so I decided to make this


750+ props and a lot of squares :stuck_out_tongue:

For shits and giggles -


Gimme the save game please :smiley:

Awesome pic.

If this doesn’t work ill upload the others and see if they work.


Nice work.

Haha, great!

Awww that’s cute.

is it supposed to be symetrical?

if so, you fucked somewhere



Haha awesome.

Needs the dots on the face tho.

I want to play zombie panic now, awesome!

In the news:

“So Mr. IRNZombie (aka ZombieDawgs), what else do you have to say?”


I got them ladder faggots"

Haha thanks for all the positive feedback didn’t know this would go down so well! Thanks!

Looks pretty cool, lol. I made mario and that mushroom thing before using the .25/.25 squares, it was 800 pixels by 800 pixels.

Good Work, Haha.


I like how a bunch of people dumbrated this just because it wasn’t photoshopped
'Cause, y’know
Everything on Garry’s Mod must be run through photoshop 5000 times in order for it to be quality content


Maybe they rated it dumb because they think the idea is overdone, this isn’t a very good example of the idea and the graphics are terrible.

Look at Karimatrix’s or some of Ilwrath’s pictures to see what amazing stuff can be done without any editing at all, instead of painfully generalising a forum you’re barely part of at all.

Well, it looks better than anything I’ve done. I’ll give you your props in that regard, however I’ve seen better, and I think that you can do a lot better as well.