"I got him!"



“It was his son’s birthday. Poor boy.”
Someone said so.

i have a big urge to scroll to the right. the composition is pretty right-heavy

also jpeg quality

Sorry, mine was enough for it so I didn’t respect that.
Fixed for ya :slight_smile:

cool posing in the second one. looks pretty natural

Thanks a lot. Anyway do you have any idea why the hell my ip is keep being banned for days whenever I do something on this lousy place? I’m really annoyed.
Thanks your compromise anyway.
Also good night.

the second picture looks really good overall!

I love this picture. What models are those yellow hazmat suit guys? I’ve been trying to find them for a while and I can’t locate’em.

They’re the CoD black ops hazmat models. they’re in the releases section.

I coulda been a contender!

Absolutly love the lightning here:

Those guys don’t have shadows! Yikes!

i just wonder about those badass guys in the first pic …
are those the crazy people from silent hill homecoming?
@Thread: There’s nothing bad i could tell about your pics.
i like it.

Okay, why would there be bullet holes on the front of him when he’s facing from the guns?

Those shooting guys are from Black Ops and so do yellow guys.
Badass guys are Spetsnaz, and those yellow guys are US Marines. You can find them in Models/Skins’ Released section.

Maybe those bullets passed through his body.