I got nukes!


C&C :slight_smile:

Cute. Flatgrass hurts my eyes though.

Good idea, Badly executed… due to the map :v:

which map would have been better?

Not Flatgrass or construct. Somewhere with some sort of living room.


I’m assuming your intention was to make it seem as though an RTS computer game where being played in reality by two people controlling a miniature battlefield.

Good idea in that it takes a concept from a fantesy and moves it into real life.

Bad in the fact that the environment is lame (they should be playing on a table, perferablly a large one where they are far apart). The buildings are scattered around randomly with no organization (should be logically positioned buildings on each side, more buildings, more space between the two players). It’s difficult to tell whats actually going on, partly due to the past two problems I just mentioned, and the fact that there’s simply not much happening between the game they’re playing. (should be miniature tanks/soldiers on the ground)

It’d also like to note that those offering criticism about the map are misguided. It has nothing to do with the map but simply the scene.

You could setup the scene with all props unless you need specific detail better done in a map. This scene should probably take place in a large room or chamber or sorts.

thanks. if everyone was like you…

I get the idea. Not all bad. This would be better served inside some building. And between them perhaps a board of some kind resembling some game. Can be on the floor. A lot of people play games on the floor.

it’s supposed to be kids playing their little green army men. howe completely missed the objective of the satire.

i for one like it alot.

I started smiling when I saw this.

Thanks, you saved my day

I liked this.

Hahahaha, I was not expecting that man, awesome!

pretty funny satire