I got randomly banned.... I was trying to record for a series for my Youtube channel.

**I got randomly banned… I was trying to record for a series for my Youtube channel. I would like a pardon on the note that I didn’t do anything. I have every minute of my game time recorded. **

I also looked at the bug forum, and there are posts for people getting banned for a bad connection. I was wonder if that corresponded with speed hackers and how there ping relates with a higher clock time. My connection has been absolutely garbage today and my ping is somewhere in the 300s according to speedtest.net

So this should be a mistake I have every minute of gametime recorded and I am requesting a pardon of my ban.

My playername is - MegaSimMan

Please and thank you,
Simeon (MegaSimMan)

False Ban FTW


Out of curiousity, by what means did you obtain your beta key? If you did the random numbers glitch that’s probably why.

This is happening to a lot of people. Read around.

I copy pasted a beta key from that thread that got closed, wonder if I got banned. :v:

Helk banned you.
He uses an undercover account to spy us and ban.
He’s Ophidion’s fried so you better not kill him or you risk a ban.

i got my key from garrys post

I still don’t understand why you were going around hacking so much.
If you kill Ophidion you’re going to be fine. What does he have to do with anything?

If you’re hacking, though, that’s another thing. You shouldn’t be hacking anyway.


I got it from a friend

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yeah I know. Hopefully I can get unbanned so I can continue making my youtube series

Ive preyed on Ophidion many times. do not fear him

You say youtube series… Mind linking me to your channel, Also posting what you have recorded on youtube? then linking us to that!

Seriously you either need to stop this or go away… You continuously post this on every forum link that comes up. If you’re trying to get humorous attention. It isn’t funny go away of stop posting random crap like this.

Then afterwards, he precedes to rate the posts dumb. :v:

Could it be due to the fact that you spammed chat with HTML?

I mean, come on.


I don’t see why that would get you banned

It completely lagged the server out.

And crashed my chrome.

You deserved the ban.

Plus, look at his Youtube. Has 15k subscribers, barely any views. Suspicious.

And he has a bunch of “trolling” (Dunno what that is.) videos.

I am fairly new here, so don’t take my words for being correct.

But I assume that, if you get banned there must be a valid reason why. Perhaps because of using the glitch to get yourself a Beta Code, perhaps you did hack?
It could be anything but I am sure that you wouldn’t be banned doing nothing.

And if you would, then it would be a false ban made automatically which would be fixed & you would be unbanned.
(Like their Anti-Cheat system being glitched etc)

Good luck!