I got roads.. hmm

What is the point of this thread, we all know there are roads in game, they are not rare or anything

Our freshly updated server doesn’t have roads.

Besides, there are people like me that don’t play anymore but keep updated by reading the forums. So yea, thanks for sharing. My comeback to this game is a matter of time, given the direction these new updates are taking.

It says right there in devblog what has been added and what will be

and thats the reason to behave like an asshole ?

Im not behaving like an asshole, just saying this thread has no point and you are confirming it with arguing with me and insulting

Why is it up to u(WarTox) to decide what the point of this thread is and if it should of been posted in the first place or not. Ur response to klondike is the kinda posts that shouldnt happen and are completely un called for.

Clearly klondike just posted a SS of a randomly generated road on the server he decide to play on. i like the picture klondike shared with the community. im even using it for my desktop backround on my labtop now.

Thank for sharing klondike.

If its about the good looking picture that is fine but “i got roads…hmm” was he surprised with them? Didnt he know that it will be implemented like everyone else? I think he did