I got side tracked making a street...

I was building a street in hammer with the intent to make it as realistic as possible but got rather side tracked when I started on the warehouse.

I do apologies for my stupidity!

Was this really deserving of its own thread?

Can you suggest a more suitable option then please? Rather than just stating a opinion?

Rude! I think it’s a cute little easter egg for his nice looking map.


It’s the mapping section. This isn’t a bannable offense anyway, I liked the content. What’s up your bum?

Was the music all ingame? If so, how did you get the muffled effect when you were outside? I’ve been trying to do that for ages.

There are some people in this section that think they’re better than everyone else.

Very sorry that was post production :frowning: I too would love to see source implement this effect!

Yes, way to go, insult me for trying to point the OP in the right direction.

Would you mind sharing the method you used to get the muffled sounds?

heres how i would do it

1.download goldwave

  1. open the .mp3 you want

  2. go to Effect>Filter>Low/Highpass
    click the lowpass button
    drag the cutoff bar to about the 400-700 range depending on song
    click the preview button to see if it sounds right
    click ok

  3. set up cue points if you intend to use file for source engine

  4. go to Save As> choose .wav
    dropdown second box to Microsoft ADPCM 44.100khz to save file size


Also you may be able to fake the effect using custom soundscapes. have the lowpass version of the song in one soundscape and then the regular version in another soundscape.
Its probably buggy and desyncs so it sounds awful, havent tested this

He doesn’t sound like he was trying to seem better than everyone else. He is right you don’t make a thread on something with so little content unless you are going to updating the thread with progress and from the looks of it, it doesn’t look like a progress thread.

Geez guys, does it really fucking matter? More than half the replies on this thread is regarding him posting it in a seperate thread. One person is supposed to tell him that next time he should put it in map and pimpage, and then everybody goes on with their lifes. Instead of telling him the same thing over and over again, how about you stay on topic? It’s not like you’re making any difference by continuing to whine, so just stop it or leave the thread.

I personally like it, it’s a funny feature to an otherwise serious project :slight_smile:

Care to share the vmf? That’s the best disco I’ve seen.

I got side tracked once again…

Well more like people seemed to like it, I enjoyed making it so I continued.

Pass the ecstasy necklaces.

I would love to mess around with this map for a SFM Video.

For the bass-loss you could use 2 ambient_generics: one with low-range, the other with higher-range: then have the lower-range have a higher radius.
I played with it awhile back.

Couldn’t you have two separate ambient_generics with different sound radiuses, one outside being the muffled song and one inside being the actual song, playing at the same time?