I got VAC-BANNED after 20 minutes of playing?

I just bought the game yesterday at around 5:00 pm and after playing in the server US Large 3 I get kicked from the game and when I try to get back in it says I was (FACEPUNCH_CONNECTOR_VAC_BANNED) when I haven’t used 1 hack in my entire life, I hate hackers they ruin the game and I get banned for no reason. Please fix your banning system Facepunch please.

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Link your throwaway account.

VAC is steam not facepunch (and is 99.99999% accurate)
contact steam if you get an unban post it here it will be a first.

Facepunch has no control over Valve Anti Cheat(VAC). By any chance were you using something that adds a map to the game that isn’t a map site viewed in Steam Web Browser? Though they aren’t malicious, map overlays/something that injects a map into Rust are considered a “hack” as far as VAC is concerned.

EDIT: Not to be a dick, but your testimony of “I just bought the game, played for a short time and got banned!?” has been used numerous times by people who were lying. Just saying as it right off the bat makes it look worse for you.

deal with it you fucking mong you shouldnt have of hacked

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If anyone is wondering, this is a screencap of Yoda’s account on a game hacking forum. He has activity on the Rust section of the site.
Seems like there’s at least one thread like this every day and every single time the morons use the same username that they used on hack sites.

because they are literal retards

He didn’t even try

Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone and another one gone
Another one bites the dust

Where was this found because this is not true

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Where was this found because this wasn’t me

2 days ago you liked a Rust hacking tool. Just face the fact you won’t get shit.


The evidence given to the court clearly points out that someone be it you or someone else used the same nickname around the same time using tools that would ultimately bring the same results. If the account was created months or years before instead of the same week it would have been a believe excuse.

Good god…

holy shit, why do these hackers never use a different name rofl

Track the ip from that user, it wont match me

But what if you have a dynamic IP?

20 minutues for $20… thats a whole 1 dollar a minute of gameplay. I think the guy got his monies worth.

That account is fake im so done with this game