I got you a Cat Garry ;)


*To: *Garry
*From: *Gernade

(User was banned for this post ("Crap thread" - SteveUK))


You made an account to do this…

I love how you spelled his name right in the title but nowhere else.

He even spelled his name wrong in the text part of the post

“To: Gary
From: Grenade”

his username is gernade

Promote this man to mod

His account is from 2011, you made an account to do this.

he registered in 2011

I saw he had one post.
I am a Rust noob.

trying too hard

Lol yea and I had an account except I don’t remember the username so but I remembered this for some reason the reason why its gernade is because I used that username when I was 12 :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for correcting me I didn’t see that there and for others I already have Rust… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeap that was really dumb of me. (Derp) Thanks for correcting me :slight_smile:

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You do realize the rust subforum is not the whole forum right ?