I guess we take over the family now eh Vinnie?

Hopefully this isnt gonna be shit like my other pictures.
Im not entirely sure on the blood on the dead dude but.
I try.

The map doesn’t seem right. I highly doubt the don of the mafia would set up in some dingy looking concrete room. That and the WW2 guns.

Apart from those two things, not all that bad.


aside from which, the l42a1 was postwar

Holy crap? you actually managed to identify what rifle that was?
Im impressed

I apologise. I’m not very gun savvy.

i’m a part time infantry rifleman who also works at the single largest small arms museum in australia (and probably the entire southern hemisphere), so yeah. i also used to use it extensively in insurgency and recognised the model.

the national firearms act (the law america passed in the 30s which basically stops you from buying anything fun unless you pay out retarded tax stamps) was brought into effect because of gangsters’ propensity to use things like tommy guns, bars, and all sorts of other serious firepower. naturally, since gun control is the single most fucking retarded thing ever (criminals following laws? what fucking universe do these people live in), they continued to use these for as long as they could get their hands on them. it’s entirely likely they used such weapons well into the 60s, probably even later… our own branch of the mafia used to use things like stens and so on into the 70s. the 1911 is still one of the most popular handguns ever made and still in military use with several countries, let alone just by mobsters.

a lot of people pay guns off for being used in ww2, when in reality, a lot of guns still in use by the military are even older. m2 browning - 1928. browning hi power - 1935. nearly every bolt-action hunting and sniper rifle for the last century has been built off of the mauser action designed in 1898 and the mag-58 (m240 for yanks) is literally an upside-down bar adapted for belt feed.

since when gangsters used WW2 only weapons

Either way i gave them ww2 weapons cause stereotypical gangsters have names like Vinnie and have Thompsons.

i’m so glad people on this forum can read