I hacked, and that's on me. Not asking for an unban.

I ESP hacked on my main account (~500 hours). I have no one to blame but myself, I thought I would combat the hacking problem by hacking and that was just fucking stupid and wrong of me, I became the problem.

I do not want nor ask for that account to be unbanned, but I bought a new one and have made sure all of my hacks were uninstalled and no longer on my computer, and after just 11 hours of playing my new account I was EAC banned. That really sucked, as I haven’t been hacking nor was the software on my computer, I’m assuming they are doing some sort of IP or HWID tracking on me.

I love Rust, it quickly became one of my favorite games as soon as I picked it up and it was foolish of me to repay the creators of a game that has given me so much entertainment by cheating, and while my new account was banned as well, I still feel guilty about hacking and I don’t care if that one gets unbanned either.

I just want to know that I can play this game, that I’m not going to be banned forever no matter how many new accounts I buy. I would gladly give you guys ANOTHER $20 and start over AGAIN, I just don’t want the looming fear that I’m going to be banned when I have no intention of hacking again. Was my computer placed on a banlist? If so, is there any way for me to atone for this?

Once again, I’m sorry and I fully expect some people in here to tear me apart, and I don’t blame you all for it. Hackers make this game unenjoyable and I’ve contributed. I sincerely apologize to the whole community.

EAC does not perform HWID/IP-based bans, but bans for detecting hack signatures in memory.

You’ve given control of your computer over to the hack writers; who knows what’s been left behind. You think you uninstalled everything, but sometimes it’s not that simple. You’re not the first person to get banned for hack files in memory after thinking you were clean.

i put the client on an external harddrive, not on my computer itself, would there still be traces of it left behind? Also, would this be solved if I reformat my computer? I appreciate your reply.

Dude as I have said before you really have to wonder what kinda software these hackers are forcing on your PC, you can bet ur ass they have left behind some nasty present.

I don’t know, I don’t install hacks. :v:

Someone claimed to do a reinstall of Windows entirely and still got picked up, but they only said that and didn’t prove it.

Also, in case this matters, if you have family-shared your Rust account with someone, or you’re using a family-shared copy of Rust, and the other person with access to the game cheated, both accounts get slapped with an EAC ban if one is detected.

Enjoy ur hot seat in game script buyer hell

edit: lots of cheater sympathy on this forum I guess… lol
I’ll stick to the reddit forum where the consensus is, “once a cheater, always a cheater” (reality)

As elixwhitetail said, we indeed do not HWID ban and only ban for the detection of an active paid cheat. What’s your SteamID?

The account I recently purchased that was banned was http://steamcommunity.com/id//HermitJim

Wait, you brought the account? Not just the game on a new account?

What do you mean? I had to make a new account, which sucks in its own because all of my other games are on my main account. I would just about pay a good chunk of money to just unban my main account if that ever became possible. It’s very inconvenient.

From your wording it sounded like you brought an account with rust on it from someone else.

In which case I’d expect they used that account to test some hack and then sold it to you (who got banned).

But ok, you made a new account.

I suppose you just failed at uninstalling the shit you had. Either do it right or format should do it.

You are not the first hacker, who experienced getting banned AGAIN after using cheats.
Maybe some cheats are made to get detected even after uninstalling those.
Stuff can maybe also remain in the main game that got changed through the hacks.

Wipe your Drive and you are ready to play hopefully legit.

Dear ztothewhy,

After reading your heart rending story, I do really just want to say- GO F*CK YOURSELF.

Hackers ruin the game for everyone. It brings me joy to hear that you have also ruined it for yourself. You expect sympathy when you may have been the guy who wrecked my paid for game time through cheating?

Don’t try to play Rust again. Like in real life, cheaters just aren’t welcome.

(User was banned for this post ("flaming" - OvB))

I don’t expect sympathy at all. I definitely feel like this is one of my more douche moments.

Yeah, you’re right. Hackers mess the game up man. Nothing you’re saying is wrong.

Sorry for cheating.

I would stop playing rust if it wasn’t such a great game but unfortunately for you I’ve wiped my computer and I’m about to purchase another copy and give it a shot. I guess you can cross your fingers that I get banned again, but regardless of any sympathy or lack thereof people throw my way I am sorry and I am not going to do it again.

Just curious OP… What age are you?

I get a feeling something like an esp may alter files in your video drivers slightly to allow extra functionality for the script.

More importantly, I believe many programs even when installed on an external hard drive still store data in folders like programdata on your (usually C:) default drive.

Only full proof dummy way I can imagine to remove altered files is a Windows 7 format/reinstall. You can let it backup your files(the files wont hurt you if you don’t run them. Your reinstalled windows will have no reason to interact with them), and after the reinstall is done you can copy all your catpics back to your main drive, then delete all the useless bulk.

If you have an OEM version of windows that you got with your computer, it will probably install the drivers for you when windows installs. If not, look up the drivers for your model of mother board and graphics card and have them put on via flash drive since you wont have internet till the motherboard drivers are installed.

older than you I’d expect

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to be frank, people like you ruin games even more than even a few hackers

hackers can be spotted and banned easily, but people like you are just caustic shit heads for no real reason. you have no place in any respectable community. You’re abrasive when you don’t need to be.

OP may be a tithead for cheating but at least be SOMEWHAT respectful.

Good luck, and if you do get banned despite making a completely honest attempt to play legit and clean, contact EAC not specifically to dispute your ban, but to see if you can get help identifying where the cheat files may be residing if even a drive reformat didn’t do the trick.

Although it’d be pretty messed up to think that it’s where they’ve hid them, it’s possible to stash pockets of software on your various USB devices, including your keyboard. If that’s happening, both you and EAC would probably want to know. I really don’t think this is going to happen, but, if you do get banned while trying to play clean then something weird’s going on and the hack writers may be employing exotic tricks that don’t obey the end user’s desires. (And that’s why using payhacks is dumb, because you’re installing DRM that might as well be malware, never mind the shallowness of cheating in games.)

Why would any of you help this guy when, in your own posts, you mention that the OP is an idiot for cheating… Backwards as hell. What an interesting forum this is.