I had a friend, he was a legend. + Bonus

I Had a friend, he was a legend

Bonus - Assault

You know what I really fucking love above anything else?

Grunge textures, old photo filters and shit loads of bloom.

10/10 nice one

My eyes!

Too much brightness on the bonus D:

brb gonna get my eyes checked

where is the brain bleach so i can rid my memory of this grunge brush, filtered, over-bloomed, poorly-posed piece of shit

Jesus Christ. Don’t ever touch Photoshop again.



Good job OP, people have gone blind because of this.

Yea, people doesn’t like bloomed pictures… :stuck_out_tongue:
But it’s only the bonus that are filled with bloom…

I think the horrendous use of filters was to cover up the really awkward and shoddy posing.

You looked like you had something going for a minute, but then gave up and half-assed the rest of the image.