I had a Rust Alpha account, where has it gone?

As the title says, I had a Rust Alpha account but I haven’t been on a while and I only noticed that it has been moved over to steam.
How can I access my account?


(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky" - postal))

Thank you!

Also, since it was an alpha and you were supposed to be helping them test, if you didn’t log into the account for a month it got deleted. Their theory is that if you weren’t going to help them test, you didn’t need an account.

Incorrect, this was in VERY early alpha when they gave away free accounts to gold members on the forum. If you purchased a key from the dutch auction, and did not play at all, your key is safe.

If i have key from old.playrust.com it is full version on forever ?

That’s correct, put the code in on Steam and you have the early access version, which becomes the final version as well once they are in full release of the game.