I had fun making textures my first time.

Not sure if this is the correct section but I’m rolling with it since it’s the only section about mapping I can find.

So, earlier today my friend was attempting to make a map for Alien Swarm. He did not like the textures provided with the game so he asked if I could try to make some.
I have never made textures for a game in my entire life. I know it’s not that hard but to make them look all right you have to be good in some image editing program. I like to think of myself as a guy who can handle his way around Photoshop so I took a crack at trying to make the textures my friend requested.

First, he requested a tiled floor. Seemed very simple so I whipped a texture up and gave it to him. This was made out an image or two taken from an image search.

After seeing the in-game screenshot, I decided that the white tile texture I made wasn’t gritty enough for Alien Swarm so I spent a few minutes making a new texture. This was also made out an image or two taken from an image search, but a tad more complicated than the last one.

Then my friend requested I make a wall. Not knowing what a good wall would look like I took a little (obvious) inspiration from Portal. But I did not use the Portal texture as a guide or reference in any way. I did this from scratch.

I personally thought all the textures looked pretty good. I know they aren’t refined or anything but I really enjoyed making them. I came to a realization though.

All the textures I’ve made so far have been tiles.

I know that most textures in game are not obvious tiles but (Oh what’s the word…) tessellations(?). Now correct me if I’m wrong but that means it repeats on itself seamlessly. I am having a bit of trouble making a seamless texture. Does anyone know any easy ways to make a seamless texture? If so, please share your knowledge.

This texture thing is something I am having some fun doing. So, if anyone got some tips or constructive criticism please shoot it my way.

Tessellations, someday hopefully on Source.
Very nice textures, I wish I could make textures :saddowns:

You can use gimp to make it seamless.
Filter>map>make seamless.

I also have fun making my own textures they are pretty neat to play around with.

I haven’t used Gimp in a while. I’ll give it a try though, thanks.

Also, textures are easy to make. You just have to know how to make good images.

Care to explain? If your talking about real life images I got that covered.

Making things seamless should be done by hand, using tools like that in gimp always ends up with ugly results, or at least ugly compared to what you can do by hand in seaming.

Yeah it is ugly.

Is a good tutorial.

sad that normalmaps look so shitty in source.

They don’t if done properly. It’s just easy to mess them up.

May I ask how you make the lighting so nice?

I’m working on a mod, and when I try to do daytime it’s so over bright. I know yours isn’t a daytime map, but may I ask what the settings are you used to make it look like that?

Change the brightness to something lower?

Good job on those, rated useful. :3:

Heh, even on line 50 for my light environment it’s still too bright.

Lower it more. Or you can change the color to something darker itself.

add a tonemap controller to your map, and mess around with the inputs

Ah, thanks.

Creating textures is actually very relaxing for some reason. Though would someone have a better tutorial on Normal maps? That ones produced by VTFEdit and the nVidia plugin always seem nasty to me.

There was a good tutorial posted about a month back that showed how to use the Nvidia plugin in photoshop, layering and blurring as you go, all overlayed on each other.
The result looked as good (maybe better) than the results you can get from crazy bump.

Creating textures for Alien Swarm should be easier than in most other Source games, since you’re not going to be looking at them too closely (unless they’re floor textures).

That, and the slightly cartoony style gives you a lot of freedom in creating slightly unrealistic textures.

I have yet to see a good looking texture with normalmap. They other are not deep enough or they look like bend metal or something like that most of the times.