i has a problem

every time i try to open up the menu using the Q button in multiplayer it wont work anymore just happened today (December 10th 2009) and i was wondering if it was something i accidentally deleted or if i need to delete something, please help fast!!! D:

Clean up your Gmod.

Make sure the ‘Q’ button is still set to open ur menu.

I’ve been having a similar issue, since the update.

I can open the menu, sure, but when I click on any prop to spawn, I get a Lua error about the menu.
Note, this is only for the prop-spawner tab… I can spawn NPCs, SWEPs, and ENTs, just fine. I also have no issues with using the tools on the world. Just the prop spawns.



Time to clean up your gmod


And also when making a thread be more descriptive with the title otherwise you might get banned for UTT

(It happend to me)