I hate being banned from the wiki

So earlier this year, while shopping for a gmod server I figured I’d update the price list, some company apparently bitched to garry that I got it wrong (instead of just changing it back or something, you know, sensible), so I was edit banned, now I can’t even do things like add that returning false in Gamemode.PlayerDeathThink will stop the player from spawning or fix spelling errors…

Tried contacting garry but no response, anyone know any way to get unblocked?

I requested the block because you went in there and changed a fair amount of information to things that really were not correct. Garry agreed with what I tweeted to him about and he blocked you.

Well shit, why’d you not just message me something like “You’re doing it wrong, so stop doing it” instead of immediately requesting a permaban?

saves them time

Nailed it.

It’s not the first time that a person has come into the wiki and purposely vandalised just because they get a kick out of it. It’s easier (timewise and for everyone else) to revert the page and request a block on that user.
A fair amount of the information you “changed” was totally incorrect and didn’t need to be changed.

I assure you, I am no vandal, I was merely trying to update prices while shopping.

Regardless, any way I can get unblocked?

Why fuck about with stuff that you obviously don’t know. How does Garry know that the shit your going to add isn’t completely wrong and going to be pointless.

It 's not like being banned from garrysmod.org or toybox. You are still able to visit the wiki (i believe).

I agree with you ,Garry have no guarentee that your edits won 't be useless or stupid