I hate Bloom!

Well, I’m just complaining about that gray in gray shit in video games atm…

Hope you like it :smiley:

Made me laugh, but there’s nothing wrong with bloom when it’s used correctly.

I know, but the fact is that Bloom and everything else called “post processing” is extremely overused in the last years.

Best example: Gears of War (1). I know some people like it, but graphics that are gray in gray + it seems like you are extrmeley nearsightet make me puke.

But isn’t that just the color palette?

Nope. Its color correction, it’s dof, its motion blur, its bloom, its hdr…

Meh whatever, this thread is about the video not about post processing :smiley: when its overused its shit. period

I consider Fallout 3 to be a better example. You’re struggling to read this impossibly dark sign one second then you look at a table and your eyes get raped.

I hate too many bloom aswell… especially in FUEL! GREAT JOB!

And Oblivion. Same Engine, same crap

Never played it… shit game on PC and Consoles, afaik

[EDIT] Need more critics :smiley:

Personally, Oblivion was never as bad with me in terms of bloom.

Yeah, but with that HDR shit… you look down a dark floor, look up and your eyes explode.

Nice video.
Lol’d a lot.

Haha! OWN! Great video I loved it.

Thank you :slight_smile: