"I HATE COPS"L4d survivors saving a cop

Hi guys Here is another Picture By me
tell me Guys what do you think Of the picture/background I Made


Edit Fixed the soda can problem


If you look at Francis face He doesnt look happy about helping this cop

The cop doesn’t look to happy being saved either

Lol Yeah I guess hes not

Eh, you didn’t hide the emitter, otherwise it is awesome.

Very nice posing and angle.

What’s with the soda can?

Zombie was trying to enjoy a nice soda pop but got shot in head by old guy.

he wasnt a zombie he was just sippin some brew

Where do you see the emitter, When you use the camera they automaticaly turn invisible

If you use the Particle Controller System (very useful) it uses soda cans as emitters instead of the default plugs.

Well the soda can was a mistake I forgot to make it invisible

Its what i used to over bend the limb I used the emmiter tool for everything else

Knew that, but didn’t see any ParContSys effects in the pic.

Well I used the default Gmod stuff really maybe next time ill use that Particle controller


but enough of that Tell me guys what you think On the posing/editing/faces

fixed the can problem