I hate it but I have to ask...

Finally, FINALLY after a super long ass search I got a copy of 3DS Max and Maya 2012. I’m ready.

I just have some questions. Please, please take the time to answer them or input because I literally spent half of my paycheck getting this software and I really want to join the community. I’ve used the search function and I’d be happy to show you that I’m currently on page 32 trying to find my answers but these are the only questions I have left to answer. I love reading these forums…

  1. If I have a model that is not rigged (example: Halo 4 model) can I take it into C4D or Maya and add my own skeleton to it or am I missing something?

  2. How/where can I find animations for hands (example: Call of Duty reloads or Counter Strike reloads)

That’s all I have so far. Love being here and learning although some of it just flies right over my head.

Thanks everyone.

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No offence. But shouldnt you have tried Blender (which is free), first before buying expensive programs?

you can get a free student copy of 3dsmax!

Yeah…that wasn’t very smart to just spend a shit ton on modeling software without using something like Blender first, especially since Blender is very comparable. Honestly I still prefer Blender over Autodesk software, just because I’m able rail out models in very reasonable amounts of time (it has a great set of tools and shortcuts that are conducive to making good stuff quickly). The lighthouse below I made entirely in Blender for SkyWind:


With that said, you can download student versions of Maya and 3DS for free, and have them for 3 years, and AFAIK you don’t actually need to prove you’re a student–at least I didn’t. All it asked was for my email, then it sends you a 3 year license. So I’d hate to say you wasted your money. I guess spending as much as it sounds like you did will probably be good incentive to actually learn. But I agree with taipan, you should have probably started with Blender. From what people say, it’s the most difficult/non-intuitive program you’ll ever use, but once you learn it, everything else will be a piece of cake. Probably (*note, I said PROBABLY) the only reason it’s not a standard is because it’s older than Autodesk software, and that’s what industry people used when they were going to school. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to sniff my own farts.

Oh and note to admin, thanks for not banning me for all the stupid shit I’ve said/done on this forum.

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