I hate it here.

This is a new little series about true events of pure uncultured stupidity adapted into Gmod!
Listen to it, the whole strip is about this.

Ahahah I love it!

Also, anybody that says techno takes no talent deserves to get punched in the face


When i saw the speech bubbles

Fix them dammit! it makes me not want to read it when i see poopy speech bubbles. Would you like me to make a short tutorial for you castro? If it helps i’d be glad to

Linkin Park isn’t terrible, I liked their older stuff better. However, Mr. Castro’s taste in music is great too. Honestly, I like to envision my musical tastes as a sort of pie chart, with all the sections labeled after a genre, and then take a corpse and blow it up with a grenade, and the amount of giblets in that certain section shows how much I like the genre. :unsmigghh:

There’s half a torso in metal, half a torso in 80s pop, a leg and 2 feet in Techno, and a leg and a hand in Opera.

Nice Castro

Damn kids don’t know music these days.


I listen to 80’s and 50’s more then this modern crap.

I mostly listen to some 90’s music some times.

The kicker is that it’s based of a real conversation I had with a friend…


Shoot him. Immediately.

Kick him in the dick.

Anything made by Peter Gabriel beats all the music from the shitty musicians of today. Especially Sledgehammer, that song is awesome(And the video is awesome too).

Techno =/= All electronic music