I hate roleplay, it's so stupid!!!

I know what you expected, you expected another rant about why roleplaying is garbage. Well guess what, you’re not going to find one here, what you will find is why you should stop making the rants.

First of all, no. Roleplaying is not what you say it is, the truth is. You’re on a trashy server. What is a trashy server? It’s a server ran by an admin who doesn’t give a fuck and ignores all the trolls and minges.

All in all,
Stop whining about roleplay and get off that god damn Troll Here and be a minge DarkRP server.

How quaint. Finally someone who does not automatically associate every single aspect of roleplaying with DarkRP. You hit the nail on the head here.

I fail to understand why people go on crappy servers and then whine about the quality of RP on those unnamed servers and think that roleplaying is dead. Do people just enjoy pointless rambling that much or don’t they see the forest from the trees?

Bio, go play schu’s melonscript mk? :q:


Server’s down, and I go by Hazard nao. :3

I agree with the OP, he speaks the truth.

Who’s server ISNT down. 1/2 the Gmod community is probably waking up to a “WTF” moment because their server is broken. Tomorrow will be fun.

-snip- I can’t read.

fucking thank you
Swear to god. If you don’t like Rp then don’t say anything. We have seen these threads a thousand times. Stop makeing rant threads.
Read the op.

did not read first post

i mis u hazurd ;c

Umm… I miss you too?

They see what they wanna see

I think I saw this website dedicated to destroying all DarkRP servers and made bots in order to do so and made them available to public -.- and then he called everyone who plays them minges

Mehh, if you see a clump of clay on a pedesdal, would you call it a sculpture?

Well, DarkRP is a clump of clay, people have yet to realise it takes effort in molding it into something original to make it work.