"I Hate Sewers!"


Disclaimer: The picture isn’t supposed to be super-realistic.

I love Francis’s faceposing.

i still think zoey looks like a skinny amy lee

Amazing faceposing.

Everythings great.
It’s the first time in a while I see you editing your screenshots outside of gmod :).

very good editing. the reflection on the water looks so real. the lighting effect is not bad too. XD

Epic faceposing,only Zoey’s posing (not the face,but the ragdoll) is what i dont like.

Faceposing and lighting are both great.

She’s just bemused at how Francis got a hold of an AK47 a month before L4D2 was even released.

needs ripples/distortion around the water area where they are standing.

This looks great but their posing is too casual for standing chest-deep in water! Usually you walk with your arms up if you’re in water that deep!

Not in game in L4D when you are standing in the water waiting for the boat to come get you, I didn’t notice ripples, and my person held the gun same as usual. So in L4D mechanics, the pose to me is correct and very well done. I like it

Yeah, because getting a game to do it correctly and look good is not only a pain in the ass–it’s a resource hog. This is Garry’s Mod, you have post processing for a reason.

Why are you quoting “L4D mechanics” as a reliable source as if it’s supposed to be considered correct? I’m using real life mechanics here, kiddo.

Unfortunately video games are not real life, amirite? Real life mechanics don’t apply, so I don’t see how it is neccessary to add something optional. No ripples, ok, it doesn’t hurt the quality and message the picture is giving us, amirite? “I HATE SEWERS” is making us show focus to Francis and him hating sewers, with his sneer. Zoey is a secondary source of our attention, with her smirk, we see she finds it amusing that he said that. If we pick into minor details like water rippling and stuff, we lose focus on what the artist/maker wanted us to worry about, which was francis and his hate for everything.

No one makes Gmod screenshots to perfectly imitate a video game. Most people aim for realistic lighting and posing in their pictures because if they didn’t they might as well load up L4D, or any other game, and just take a screenshot.

Because not bothering to do something after you’ve already applied post processing is just lazy. Especially when it’s such a glaring error.

First of all, it does hurt the quality of the picture because it’s completely unrealistic.
Take your pseudo-art critic horse shit elsewhere, you don’t have any clue what you’re talking about. You don’t need to type out an entire paragraph attempting to explain the deep meanings behind this screenshot–especially since you did it so terribly; it’s like you’re trying too hard to look intelligent/clever. Here’s a protip: it didn’t work one bit.

No “we” don’t.

zoey seems to be pulling a half assed awesome face :v:

have a wood

oh and look! angry baker’s here!

I agree, they are way to casual to be standing chest deep in water.
I don’t like the colors much either but… Whatever floats your boat I guess, geddid? :v:

Let me tell you something.

No-one gives a shit.

When i see L4D models excellently posed in a picture, i sometimes think they are real.